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Many people may think that the weather in Mexico is always hot. They may expect this to be the case no matter what time of the year they choose to travel to. Grand Solmar Timeshare wants them to know that this is not true. It is important to realize how the weather can impact your vacation in Mexico and when you need to travel.

  • Hot and Humid time – It may surprise many people to find out that the weather in April and May in much of Mexico is hot and humid. If you do not enjoy this type of weather, Grand Solmar Timeshare says to plan your trip at a different time of the year.
  • Pleasant and warm – In June and July the weather is pleasant and warm and offers travelers and beachgoers the perfect weather to get the most out of their trip.
  • Cold weather – While the beach towns may not get very cold, they do experience colder weather during the winter months. Mexico City is also much colder during this time of year although you will not usually see any snow.
  • Hurricane season – Travelers to the beach resorts of Mexico need to be aware of the danger of hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from June to November on both of the coasts. The hurricane season is most active in September and October. Hurricanes can occur at any time and make it difficult to plan a vacation for many people.

If you do not want weather to be the reason that you do not enjoy a trip to Mexico, Grand Solmar Timeshare thinks you should take the time to learn when it is best to visit.