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Grand Solmar Timeshare offers us an opportunity to step away from our routine and reconnect with the persons we love. Over the years, Fairmont Hot Springs BC has stood out as a recreational paradise that offers families a chance to rest, relax, and enjoy exploring beautiful attractions in the Northern Rockies. Here you can rekindle their senses by engaging in some exciting and memorable experiences. Fairmont Hot Springs is Canada’s most significant naturally occurring hot springs. The beautiful Purcell Mountain and Rocky Mountain ranges surround these hot springs making them incredibly beautiful, but do not limit your exposure here to the naturally heated pools only. Instead, take a more in-depth look, and you will see a lot of options to make your family holiday unforgettable.

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Grand Solmar timeshare reports that Mineral Mountain Ziplines is a new attraction that opened in early July 2017 at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. This attraction allows visitors of all ages to explore the forest canopy and see beautiful sceneries of the Columbia Valley such as natural hoodoos. During the tour, every guest will have the opportunity to transverse over 1.3 kilometers of topography by air. Flying along the Ziplines is among the newest BC attractions that will allow you and your family to have a remarkable holiday experience.

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If someone in your party is a golfing enthusiast, then Fairmont Hot Springs has got you covered. Fantastic golfing events occur throughout the high season, but individual packages can also easily be booked. Additionally, the area has a wide array of golf packages to address the needs of everyone. For the younger members of the family, there is also a minigolf course available so that everyone can join in the fun.

The hoodoos serve as a unique landmark for those who visit Fairmont Hot Springs. If you want to hike the trail, it is essential to have all the necessary directions before you begin. You will want to identify suitable trails for everyone in the family to enjoyably hike the hoodoos. The view is impressive, but you need to show maximum respect to the heights and the area. Check out the Fairmont Hot Spring Resort site, if you need guidance on the various hikes available in the area.

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The hoodoos are a landmark for those who visit Fairmont Hot Springs, suggests Grand Solmar Timeshare

After all, that hiking, golfing, swimming and fun, it is likely some members of the family will be hungry. Fortunately, the area has some dining options for families, including grab-and-go possibilities, fast food joints, and casual sit-down dining. These dining options include something for even the choosiest of eaters. By carefully selecting a dining option, and you could end up enjoying a delicious meal while looking at the beautiful mountainous scenery or over the hoodoos.

Grand Solmar timeshare owners agree that organizing a holiday to Fairmont Hot Springs for your family is a perfect way to reconnect with your loved ones and soak up some natural beauty at the same time.

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