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One of the best parts of being in Cabo San Lucas is the beautiful open waters that people can partake in a variety of activities on. Some people choose to splash in the ocean, others want to catch some gnarly waves, and others want to spend a day out at sea trying to reel in a few fish. Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that having a good fishing experience is very important while in Cabo San Lucas, and two of the best places to do so are Sushi Time Fishing and Fish On.

 Sushi Time Fishing has six Super Pangas that it takes guests out on, and each has a knowledgeable and experienced captain that will make your trip both educational and enjoyable. The company has several different packages that tourists can take advantage of, including lunch, transportation, and live bait. Cabo San Lucas is the ideal place to go fishing at, with 800 different species of fish and over 40,000 bill fish that are caught each year, most of them which are released. For a great way to see the waters of Cabo San Lucas and catch some fish along the way, Sushi Time Fishing is the perfect way to go.

 Another company that offers one of a kind fishing adventures is Fish On Cabo. This attraction allows fish enthusiasts to hop on board a 29’ California Sport Fishing Charter Boat and travel to the best fishing spot possible. It is here that guests can catch a wide variety of fish, including Yellow Tail, Sail Fish, Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, and more. Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that guests will have a wonderful fishing experience at either of these magnificent attractions.