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The summer vacation season in 2015 is sure to be one of the busiest yet, so Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that it is extremely important for excited travelers to have a vacation that they will not soon forget. When they depend on the services and luxurious accommodations of Grand Solmar, individuals who are eagerly awaiting these summer getaways can be sure that they will be able to enjoy their vacation in true comfort. Furthermore, they can also appreciate adventure and excitement when they travel with Grand Solmar Timeshare by taking advantage of some advice that it often offers, such as tips on the best local attractions, dining experiences, and sights to see in Cabo San Lucas. For those who will be visiting this stunning destination this summer, here are some recommendations on where to enjoy their vacation time in Cabo.

  1. Museo de Cabo San Lucas: This is a great spot to visit for those who are coming to Cabo with their children and want to have learning experiences together. Grand Solmar Timeshare shares that this museum holds many exhibits that teach visitors about subjects such as geology, botany, biodiversity, anthropology, and more. There is also, of course, an exhibit on Cabo and its history so that those who want to become more cultured through their travels can do so here.
  2. Land’s End: This is one of the most famous and most beautiful areas in Cabo San Lucas and Grand Solmar Timeshare always recommends that visitors come to see the rock formations that are found here. Travelers can enjoy sunny summer days by boating out to these formations to see the famous Arch of Poseidon, also known as El Arco. They can also choose to spend a day on the nearby Lover’s Beach where they can get great views of the arch from afar.
  3. Church of San Lucas: Those who love architecture or are looking for cultural and religious sites are sure to appreciate this beautiful old church. The building is still used by locals, and is over 300 years old. Furthermore, many of the church’s original features can still be seen in the building, and visitors can even attend one of the masses held at the church.

When travelers are looking for an extraordinary destination where they can appreciate their time away from home, they will discover that the beautiful and varied Cabo San Lucas is the ideal choice for their trip. This is true whether they are looking for the perfect destination to enjoy with their family, or just trying to discover a wonderful place to enjoy romance with their partner. Grand Solmar Timeshare makes it easier than ever for travelers to enjoy this extraordinary destination in world class luxury and with the best service in the industry. To learn more please visit http://grandsolmarresort.com/