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When traveling to in the summer and fall months, particularly from June 1 to November 30, travelers need to be prepared for hurricane season in places like Florida and the Caribbean. The best advice that any expert can give is always to be prepared whenever vacationers choose to travel during this time of the year. In order to avoid having to deal with cancellations due to inclement weather, Grand Solmar Timeshare is providing travelers with these top tips.

Travel prepared for any situation.

This piece of advice should be heeded no matter what time of the year vacationers choose to travel. It is always important to alert friends and family about where travelers are vacationing, what their itinerary will be and provide them with important emergency contact information. In addition, vacationers should always have a copy of all of their important documents while they are on vacation. This includes photocopies of driver’s licenses, credit cards and other valuable identification documents, though these copies should be kept in a secure location at all times.

Check with accommodations for a “hurricane guarantee.”

While hotel rates in this part of the world are usually discounted during this time of the year, it is unlikely that travelers will experience a hurricane while they are on vacation. However, it is always a good idea to inquire if the hotel has a “hurricane guarantee,” which will offer the traveler a replacement vacation if a hurricane should hit during their planned time of arrival shares the Grand Solmar Timeshare cancellation information group.

Follow any and all instructions given.

If travelers are at a resort when a hurricane hits, it is in their best interest to follow any and all instructions that are given to them by the staff at the resort. Many resorts even have some sort of backup generator and emergency supplies in case this sort of situation does occur.

Invest in insurance.

When thinking about travel insurance, make sure to select a plan that covers hurricanes, as not all policies cover severe weather advises the Grand Solmar Timeshare cancellation information group.

For more information about these and more tips on traveling during hurricane season, contact Grand Solmar today at http://grandsolmarresort.com.